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VIP Sheba BD Limited

VIP Sheba BD Limited

VIP Sheba BD Limited, is the Best Cleaning, Moving, Pest control, But don’t worries, Professional Pest Control Services In Dhaka City Cleaning Services In Dhaka Bangladesh Office Shifting Services, Home | Office | Factory house office shifting services in Dhaka.

VIP Sheba BD Limited

VIP Sheba BD Limited

Cleaning Services

We know as Islamic belief that “cleaning is a part of Eman”, but in Dhaka city, it is very difficult to maintain it. Because it Dhaka, 23,234 peoples are living in per square kilometer as the report of But don’t worry; if you are looking for a professional cleaning company in Bangladesh, we are here. VIP Sheba BD is the best cleaning services provider in BD. VIP Sheba BD Limited,

Pest Control Services

Every day we are facing many types of problem in our daily life. Pests are one of them and not only a nuisance but also harmful to our health. But don’t worries, VIP Sheba BD provide professional Pest Control Services In Dhaka City. VIP Sheba BD Limited,

Home Movers in Dhaka

Dhaka is a busy city. It is very difficult to move home one area to another area. But don’t worries, VIP Sheba BD provide home moving services in entire Dhaka city. We are the best home movers in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We have a strong team with Professional Labors and Technicians. VIP Sheba BD Limited,


Interior Design Company in Dhaka

interior design company in dhaka, VIP Sheba BD Limited  We are Bangladesh based commercial interior design firm specializing in home, office, restaurant and shop fit outs, custom display solutions, workplace design and more. House,one of leading Bangladesh and focuses on presenting design and fit-out solutions “Vip Sheba Bd”

Painting Service in Dhaka

Professional Painting Service in Dhaka Nothing is more effective than painting cleaning services in dhaka to get an aesthetic look on your room’s wall and home interior. It ensures an artistic touch on the wall of your house. Besides, a perfect painting helps to reduce dust at home. Nothing is more beautiful than a beautiful home. To make your home more artistic, you have to choose an excellent painting quality for your interior for the “Vip Sheba Bd” painting service in Dhaka. VIP Sheba BD Limited

Coronations Disinfection Service in Dhaka Bangladesh

Coronations Disinfection Service in Dhaka Bangladesh,  is a leading commercial disinfection company in Bangladesh. Operating out of Dhaka, cleaning services we are using broad-spectrum parricidal misting and fogging technology. Treatments are also available for residential, F&B/Restaurants and automotive environments. VIP Sheba BD Limited,

Glass Cleaning Services in Dhaka

Whether it is about a beautiful home or a commercial window of glass windows, doors, and faces, we make sure to clean them efficiently. By booking our Glass Cleaning Service, you can enjoy dirt-free, dust-free, and stain-free glasses to enjoy the bright sunshine and keep them clean. We are one of the best glass cleaning service provider company in Dhaka Bangladesh. VIP Sheba BD Limited,


Why do you need to clean your Sofa?

After a hard day at work, the first thing you want to do is sit on your couch browsing your TV channels. You feel very comfortable and relaxed in this piece of furniture. But have you ever wondered how much contamination your sofa has been exposed to? Dust mites, bacteria, dirt all contaminate and contaminate your sofa. Not to mention the dust that accumulates after a sandstorm. Experts recommend cleaning your sofa once in 6 months, not only to prevent it from becoming polluted but to also extend its life span. VIP Sheba BD Limited,


Best Water tank cleaning services in Dhaka Bangladesh

Clean water after oxygen is the next basic demand for all living organisms to lead a healthy life on this planet. After residential and industrial development, the daily use of water comes from storage water tanks, and these are classified into different types of groundwater tanks, overhead water tanks, and ground-level water tanks. VIP Sheba BD Limited,


Best kitchen cleaning services in Dhaka Bangladesh

Being the busiest room in the house, it also picks up lots of dust and organic waste, which is extremely important to clean regularly, it says every week. However, deep cleaning of the kitchen should be done once a month to ensure healthy breathing. If you are in Dhaka City, call us for a healthy clean of your kitchen. We provide professional kitchen cleaning services in Dhaka city. VIP Sheba BD Limited,


Best Toilet cleaning services in Dhaka Bangladesh

Cleaning the toilet is an important task to maintain the highest level of hygiene, health and sanitation facilities. It could be your home or office; the bathroom should be clean and tidy. Vipshebabd provide best toilet cleaning services in dhaka city also we start our services all over Bangladesh. VIP Sheba BD Limited,



Best Floor Cleaning Services in Dhaka

From cleaning floor polishing services, customers in different fields can expect only the best service from us. Our professional floor cleaners have the experience and expertise to clean and maintain a variety of floor types, including marble, hardwood, tiles, laminate, ceramic and concrete. We have many advanced tools to speed up our processes, ensuring that our customers get significant results. We only use environment-friendly materials to bring results that pose no risk to the health and well-being of our customers and our people. VIP Sheba BD Limited,


Best Carpet cleaning Services in Dhaka Bangladesh

A loving home is a residential home. This is especially true in high traffic areas such as living rooms, play rooms and bedrooms. VIP Sheba BD Limited,  These are usually essential for carpeted areas, finding the right carpet cleaning services in dhaka for a clean home environment. VIP SHEBA BD,


Best office cleaning services in Dhaka Bangladesh

Our passion is cleaning Dhaka city offices, homes, schools, businesses. We are proud to call ourselves a Clean Expert. Our maid service, office cleaning service and maintenance services are guaranteed to provide you with a safe, stainless home or office. The people of Dhaka are busy and we know that providing affordable, efficient and reliable local cleaning services is critical to the success of businesses and residents. VIP Sheba BD Limited,


Best House shifting service in Dhaka Bangladesh

House shifting in Dhaka, is a really busy job. Life is busy and tough in Dhaka, which is a well known fact. Schedulers are experiencing severe time constraints due to difficult schedules, and if they plan to change the home schedule on a tight schedule, it really gets messy. If you want to avoid any hassle, it is always advisable to rent a suitable house shifting service in dhaka VIP Sheba BD Limited, House Shifting in Dhaka,


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Office Address: 154/11/A, West Nakhalpara, Tejgoan, Dhaka, 1215, Mobile no: +880 1719 198 778, +880 1999 979 411, Website:



Office Address: 154/11/A, West Nakhalpara, Tejgoan, Dhaka, 1215, Mobile no: +880 1719 198 778, +880 1999 979 411, Website:


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