glass cleaning services in Dhaka

Best glass cleaning services in Dhaka Bangladesh

VIP Sheba BD provides reliable blade and glass cleaning services in Dhaka at the most affordable prices. We are proud to serve a large number of clients, including offices, homes, schools, and many other business establishments.

Our glass or fruit cleaning services are highly demanded and highly appreciated for precision, flexibility, and reliability. We provide timely and affordable glass cleaning in the entire Dhaka city. Rely on us to keep the glass or walls of your property clean. We also provide Floor cleaning service in Dhaka, kitchen cleaning service in Dhaka, pest control service in Dhaka. Window cleaning services in dhaka.

 Glass Cleaning Services in Dhaka

Whether it is about a beautiful home or a commercial window of glass windows, doors, and faces, we make sure to clean them efficiently. By booking our Glass Cleaning Service, you can enjoy dirt-free, dust-free, and stain-free glasses to enjoy the bright sunshine and keep them clean. We are one of the best glass cleaning service provider company in Dhaka Bangladesh.

We have the best and experienced cleaners in the industry who are well trained and experienced in using the right kind of tools and equipment. VIP Sheba BD follows standard safety precautions to standardize the process of cleaning or cleaning the glass in convenient ways. Your property needs regular glass cleaning, which is why we’re here to provide you with better quality services.

Our Glass Cleaning Services in Dhaka Includes:

1.      Clean the bottom of canopies, skylights, pillars and atriums

2.      Glass restoration

3.      Cleaning railing glass (even accessible sides)

4.      Clean the outside window glass

5.      Cleaning interior window glass

6.      Cleaning the interior areas of the lobby

7.      House window glass cleaning services, frames, glass surfaces – They clean the place of algae, dirt, pencil marks, erratic silicone.

8.      Facial glass cleaning work in offices, factories, schools, showrooms, commercial complexes – gives a new look. The glass becomes dim due to the combination of weather and the environment

9.      Cleaning residential apartment windows

10.  Cleaning duty on commercial malls

11.  Clean the shutter

12.  Clean the channel (sliding window)

How to Hire the Best Glass Cleaning Services in Dhaka

Are you the person who opens a new office, with only facades and windows made of glass? Are you a homeowner who has a home that beautifully adorns exterior glass windows? Glass windows and facades are the exterior surfaces of a home. They should make the best impression on the viewer.

Also, transparent windows and face-to-face aids help homes and offices get bright sunlight, but keeping them clean can be a challenge. Imagine a situation in which glass windows and faces are covered with dirt, contaminants, dust or stains. There is no doubt that the office room will give a dubiously outward idea. For the best glass cleaning services in Dhaka city, you contact us. we are at the top of google glass cleaning services in the Dhaka keyword.

Now, are you a resident of Dhaka looking for glass cleaning services in Dhaka? Do you want to hire the best window cleaning services to give your office a bright impression? VIP Sheba BD has made it very easy for you. Book commercial cleaning services in Dhaka and get the best experience of the service.

Why Book Our Glass  Cleaning Services in Dhaka?

  1. Carefully inspect
  2. Use quality and safe cleaning products
  3. Use only the right kind of industry-grade equipment and equipment
  4. Cost-effective method
  5. Well trained and experienced cleaners
  6. Ensures safety and reliability

We always strive to provide the highest quality of service to clean your residential and commercial property glasses and face, which ensures a positive impression on your guests and visitors. We also provide Cleaning services in Dhaka, shifting services in Dhaka, pest control services in Dhaka city.

Which Chemical do We use for Glass cleaning?

The first time we used glass cleaner chemical, then streak use. If any glass has spotted that time we use. For more clean, we use some of others chemical which is imported from Singapore and Japan. 

Areas for the Glass cleaning services in Dhaka

We provide Glass cleaning service in the entire Dhaka city including:

Learn more about our services

Pest control: Are you suffering from the collapse of cockroaches, hypothalamus, dizziness, and rats in your office, house, or shop? We provide all types of pest control services in the entire Dhaka city. We are available to control all types of pest in your office, house, or any other place. VIP Sheba BD

Moving: Are you looking for a moving service provider in Dhaka city? We provide all types of moving services in all over Bangladesh. We are available to all types of moving services in clouding office and house moving services nationally.

Shifting: Would you need to shift your office or house? And are you worried about this? Don’t worry; ‘VIP Sheba BD’ is here to help you. We are providing shifting services in the entire Dhaka city. We will shift all types of furniture and goods from your present address to the new address carefully. Also, we will decorate your new office/house with your furniture and goods as your own choice.

Cleaning: Are you looking for a Cleaning Service provider in Dhaka city? have been providing all types of cleaning services including carpet cleaning service, sofa cleaning service, tiles cleaning service, Mozambique Marble cleaning service, glass cleaning service in Dhaka, swimming pool cleaning service, room-clearing service, wall cleaning service, washroom cleaning service, kitchen cleaning service, basement cleaning service, toilet cleaning service in entire Dhaka city for 11 years.

Special pack for commercial office and Factory 

Vipsheba BD starts a new pack for our commercial and Factory client. We are offering 2 tk sqft for 5000+ sqft inside area 3 tk sqft for the outside area. We are professionally work in glass cleaning in Dhaka. We have a hock clip for outside cleaning also we have an expert team for doing glass cleaning inside and outside. 

How will you contact us?

We are available in our office from 09.00 am to 05.00 pm from Saturday to Thursday. You can visit our office in-office time. Our office address is 154/11/A, West Nakhalpara, Tejgoan, Dhaka, 1215. Also, you can call us at 01719198778. We are available for you 24/7.

Rate and payment

Rate and payment will depend on your work size. Corporate office or factory as a wide place we calculate in special pack offer. We also provide a glass cleaning service all over the country. To know details about rate and payment method, contact us

Special note– As the professional cleaning service provider company in Dhaka city, we are ensuring you that you will 100% satisfy with us. We are one of top Glass cleaning service provider company in Dhaka Bangladesh. You can find us on google the first page on Glass cleaning services in Dhaka, Glass cleaning company in Dhaka keywords. We provide 100% Glass cleaning service in Dhaka also we start our services all over Bangladesh.

Office Address: 154/11/A, West Nakhalpara, Tejgoan, Dhaka, 1215, Mobile no: +880 1719 198 778, +880 1999 979 411, Website:


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