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Budget-friendly Cleaning Service in Dhaka

Cleaning is a tough job to do, especially when you have a lot more things to do. It requires a lot of time and effort. But we cannot live or work in a messy and dirty environment. Cleaning everything on their own is being tough for people due to lack of time. 

We can easily solve this problem. We have modern equipment and professional cleaners and provide proper cleaning service. 

Our Cleaning Services

We have different packages among which you can choose one. We provide a weekly package, monthly package, semi-annual package, and annual package.

Our cleaning services include:

1. We provide wiping and dusting services for your house and office furniture. We operate deep cleaning in the kitchen, bedrooms, cabinets, shelves, etc.

2. We wipe your electronics. Cleaning telephones, computers, printers, monitors and keyboards, etc with proper equipment is a part of our service. To ensure protection from germs, we operate disinfection processes after the cleaning.

3. Doors and windows are cleaned properly.

4. Deep cleaning of washrooms using appropriate chemicals and equipment. 

5. Refilling toilet tissue, hand washes dispensers, replacing toilet accessories are part of our service.

6. We clean and organize the accessories of the kitchen. 

7. We clean the refrigerator and microwaves of your house and office.

8. You will find every piece of wooden furniture in a new fresh look. We polish beds, cot, almirah, cabinets, tables, desks, chairs, etc with furniture polish to make the furniture shine.

9. The carpets, mattresses, sofas, pillows, mats, runners and wall mates, etc are properly cleaned by the expert team.


We provide our amazing services for houses, commercial places, restaurants, offices, hotels, and many more. 

Our Specialty

Good cleaning service is significant in the hospitality business. It can enhance the fame of your hotel. A clean environment can help to attract the attention of new customers. And vice versa. The same goes for the house and commercial places too. 

An unclean restaurant/cafe can create health issues. Dirty food courts cause food poisoning, diarrhea, dysentery, and other health-related issues. The messy and unorganized place can never attract people rather it ruins hunger. 

People prefer such places which are clean, organized,

for enjoying their time and money.

Also, The standard safety guidelines must be followed. Otherwise, that restaurant will suffer badly. It may lose its reputation. 


Stores must be decorated in an attractive and organized way. Store owners must keep the store clean. Cleanliness helps to create a positive brand image among target customers. A store that has an unhealthy or messy environment, will create a negative image. It will discourage customers from even entering the store.

VIP Sheba BD

Keeping shopping malls clean is not an easy task at all. There is a high rate of foot traffic and crowd all day long. We have packages for such areas too. Contact us to learn more about the packages about cleaning service in Dhaka. 


We have a very professional and well-trained human resource with needed equipment. We are determined to solve all the problems regarding cleanliness in your life. To resolve the above-described problems, we provide our cleaning service.

You can trust us for making your place healthy. We have well-planned packages for your ease. We encourage both positive and negative feedback and recommendations. 

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