Home cleaning service inBangladesh

Home cleaning service in Dhaka Bangladesh

At VIP Sheba BD, it is our number one priority to remove the pains and hassles first and then book a home cleaning service in Bangladesh. pest control service in dhaka

#1 Home Cleaning Service in Bangladesh

We sincerely believe that a clean home is at the forefront of a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. High quality home cleaning is no longer considered a luxury product – we have brought home cleaning services to a wider audience. We cater to all your cleaning needs and tailor our service to your unique needs, including a housekeeper that ideally matches your level of cleanliness. Affordable home cleaning with affordable rates and a memory is all about VIP Sheba BD.

Our desire to offer you the best home cleaning service in dhaka – if you are not 100% satisfied with your maid; We will do a complete re-clean at no extra cost.

An affordable and practical solution

Thanks to the e-commerce revolution, home and apartment owners now have more options than ever to clean their homes. With just a few taps and keystrokes you can summon almost anything to the right of your door.

VIP Sheba BD At the forefront of this revolution effortlessly allows you to book a professional maid service to meet all your home cleaning needs. Our cleaning solutions are not only friendly, but also practical, safe and reliable. We have empowered and supported thousands of Dhaka residents with thousands of dollars of money saved through a professional home cleaning service that never hesitates to go the extra mile.

We are a leader and innovator in on-demand cleaning services and constantly striving to provide a high quality home cleaning experience at affordable prices. In fact, you can clean a single-bedroom apartment at a substantial cost. Opt for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning, and we will offer discounts. VIP Sheba BD

Most Practical and Time-efficient Option

Even if you plan to clean your home, where do you start? How deep can you be with limited access to supplies and everything else in your life? Not surprisingly, most people adopt the simple solution of addressing some obvious areas such as the bathroom or kitchen and having other areas later. Depending on your preference, the “after” may never come, leaving you with a major headache in the long run.

Home Cleaning Service in Dhaka

Areas such as tables, carpets, walls, and floors are preferred for dust and can stain the appearance of your home if not covered for a very long time. Our professionals pay extra attention to every trick and cranny of your place of residence, no matter how big or small.

Cleaning jobs like moping, vacuuming or dusting are regular tasks for our maids, but they will never hesitate to go the extra mile – they will also perform cleaning services or take out the trash as you like, in tools like the oven and microwave.

You’re certainly not alone. If you weren’t, quality home maid services in Dhaka like ours would not exist. The feature of our maid service is that it is individually tailored to each individual’s cleaning needs.

Putting it alone, you can not only lose track of time before you can call your home “shamelessly clean” but it can also be difficult to determine exactly how much time it will take. Even if you can calculate total time, spending many hours cleaning your own house is not a viable way to spend your time that might otherwise be, by focusing on other areas of your family life.

Hire us and save yourself a world of time, energy and headaches. We are at your service 24/7, regardless of how often you need to clean your home.

Even if you are planning to go it alone, do you have the right tools, solutions, and tools for cleaning? Our cleaners are equipped with the necessary cleaning supplies to seamlessly clean all of your living space, including bedrooms, kitchens, sinks, floors, walls, etc. If you have any special items of wood furniture or appliances that need cleaning, let us know in advance. And we have a special syringe for cleaning will bring 

If you are moving to a new home or are ready to move out, we can relieve your anxiety by cleaning up on our very best.

We are Reliable

Are you worried or somewhat uncomfortable with the idea of ​​letting a complete stranger into your home to clean up? You can put your worries to rest because our professional housekeepers are extremely experienced in cleaning your home and refining and cleaning your home. We personally interview each of our maids before they sign up to our group.

We’ve reached an accidental length to make sure our customers never have to worry about anything except what they wear or cook on tonight. And don’t just take our word for it.

Areas for the home cleaning services in Dhaka

We provide home cleaning services in entire Dhaka city including:

Learn more about our services

Pest control: Are you suffering by the collapse of cockroach, hypothalamus, dizziness, and rats in your office, house or shop? We provide all types of pest control services in entire Dhaka city. We are available to control all types of pest in your office, house, or any other places.

Moving: Are you looking for moving service provider in Dhaka city? We provide all types of moving services in all over the Bangladesh. We are available to all types of moving service in clouding office and house moving services nationally.

Shifting: Would you need to shift your office or house? And are you worried about this? Don’t worry; ‘VIP Sheba BD’ is here to help you. We are providing shifting services in entire Dhaka city. We will shift all types of furniture and goods from your present address to new address carefully. Also we will decorate your new office/house with your furniture’s and goods as your own choice.

Cleaning: Are you looking for Cleaning Service provider in Dhaka city? Vipshebabd.com have been providing all types of cleaning services including carpet cleaning service, sofa cleaning service, tiles cleaning service, Mozambique Marble cleaning service, glass cleaning service, swimming pool cleaning service, room clearing service, wall cleaning service, washroom cleaning service, kitchen cleaning service, basement cleaning service, toilet cleaning service in entire Dhaka city for 11 years.

How will you contact us?

We are available in our office at 09.00am to 05.00pm from Saturday to Thursday. You can visit our office in office time. Our office address is 154/11/A, West Nakhalpara, Tejgoan, Dhaka, 1215. Also, you can call us at 01719198778. We are available for you 24/7.

Rate and payment

Rate and payment will depend on your work size. To know details about rate and payment method, contact us.

Special note– As the professional cleaning service provider company in Dhaka city, we are ensuring you that you will 100% satisfy with us. We provide 100% guaranteed home cleaning service all over the Bangladesh.

Office Address: 154/11/A, West Nakhalpara, Tejgoan, Dhaka, 1215, Mobile no: +880 1719 198 778, +880 1999 979 411, Website: vipshebabd.com

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