Best House shifting service in Dhaka Bangladesh

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Best House shifting service in Dhaka Bangladesh

House shifting in Dhaka, is a really busy job. Life is busy and tough in Dhaka, which is a well known fact. Schedulers are experiencing severe time constraints due to difficult schedules, and if they plan to change the home schedule on a tight schedule, it really gets messy. If you want to avoid any hassle, it is always advisable to rent a suitable house shifting service in dhaka

House Shifting in Dhaka

House Shifting in Dhaka

House shifting is a very common thing in Dhaka and people change their houses for various personal, official and financial reasons. There are plenty of companies operating in the market who provide this ongoing service but it is very good to advise those who are reliable and cost effective. They also have to match your budget.

We are the best house shifting company in Dhaka and we are skilled and professional. It should be kept in mind that if you are hiring because of the low prices of experienced people, they can also be risky as there is a possibility that they may also damage their products when moving items from one place to another.

It’s a known fact that if you move yourself, you waste a lot of time compared to the companies you specialize in.

House shifting in Dhaka

House shift in Dhaka should be decided way before shift. This is the least favorite thing anyone would want to do because it is stressful and busy at the same time. One tip that is very important is to throw away or dispose of unnecessary items while you are moving because it is not worthwhile to carry a bag of items with you. This can add space to your new home, and you don’t need to do extra work when packing to move your home. If your mover is good enough, he will be packing and doing items accordingly. cleaning services in dhaka

Once you start the process of finalizing the movers, you must target their reputation in the marketplace which can be judged by checking their reviews online or on social media pages or groups, or by referring to any company you call your friends or family. It can reduce the risk and at the same time there is a possibility that you can get better quotes.

Areas for the house shifting service in Dhaka

We provide house shifting in entire Dhaka city including:

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Pest control: Are you suffering by the collapse of cockroach, hypothalamus, dizziness, and rats in your office, house or shop? We provide all types of pest control services in entire Dhaka city. We are available to control all types of pest in your office, house, or any other places.

Moving: Are you looking for moving service provider in Dhaka city? We provide all types of moving services in all over the Bangladesh. We are available to all types of moving service in clouding office and house moving services nationally.

Shifting: Would you need to shift your office or house? And are you worried about this? Don’t worry; ‘VIP Sheba BD’ is here to help you. We are providing shifting services in entire Dhaka city. We will shift all types of furniture and goods from your present address to new address carefully. Also we will decorate your new office/house with your furniture’s and goods as your own choice. VIP Sheba BD

Cleaning: Are you looking for Cleaning Service provider in Dhaka city? have been providing all types of cleaning services including carpet cleaning service, sofa cleaning service, tiles cleaning service, Mozambique Marble cleaning service, glass cleaning service, swimming pool cleaning service, room clearing service, wall cleaning service, washroom cleaning service, kitchen cleaning service, basement cleaning service, toilet cleaning service in entire Dhaka city for 11 years.

How will you contact us?

We are available in our office at 09.00am to 05.00pm from Saturday to Thursday. You can visit our office in office time. Our office address is 154/11/A, West Nakhalpara, Tejgoan, Dhaka, 1215. Also, you can call us at 01719198778. We are available for you 24/7.

Rate and payment

Rate and payment will depend on your work size. To know details about rate and payment method, contact us.

Special note– As the professional shifting service provider company in Dhaka city, we are ensuring you that you will 100% satisfy with us. We provide 100% guaranteed house shifting service all over the Bangladesh.

Office Address: 154/11/A, West Nakhalpara, Tejgoan, Dhaka, 1215, Mobile no: +880 1719 198 778, +880 1999 979 411, Website:


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